Curly and long lashes are every women’s dream. And today there are so many medications and other options available to make your lashes grow long. However, the best ones are the natural kinds. Here are some tips you could use to get long and curly lashes without having to fake it!

Use castor

Castor oil is an amazing natural remedy that not only helps your lashes grow but your hair as well. The natural components in it helps in fighting the microorganisms that get in the way of the growth process thus making the cycle act more effectively. All you need to do is, using a clean brush or some cotton balls, dip them in to the oil and dab a little on your lashes every night, before you go to bed. You can add in a couple drops of vitamin E too. Wash it all off the next morning with warm water. You can also combine aloe vera gel in to this mix instead of vitamin E. Follow either one of these methods for two to three months for ultimate results instead of getting an eyelash perm that could cost a lot.

Use olive oil

Just like castor oil, olive oil too is known for the amazing properties it has, generating sure results for all those that are suffering from hair and lash loss. What’s more is that it even helps in keeping your lashes dark eliminating in the need to layer your lashes with too much mascara. Use an old mascara stick that has been cleaned well or a cotton ball, dip it in to the oil and coat your lashes with it. do it before you go to bed and leave it overnight. In the morning you can wash it off with warm water. Make sure to follow this through for at least for a couple months to experience the best results.

Massage your lids

Massaging your eyelids too helps in it growing its lashes better by improving the blood flow that goes through in the eye area. It also reduces the thinning and falling off of your lashes too. Use a couple drops of oil, shea butter or even petroleum jelly and massage your lids in a circular motion using your fingertips. Do it for five to seven minutes a day daily for a couple months.  But make sure that you first wash your hands well!

Use lemon peels

Lemon peels are also another amazing remedy you could use to strength the grow process of your lashes. Put in one tablespoon of well dried lemon peels in to a container and pour in enough olive or castor oil, so that the peels are completely soaked up. Leave it for a couple of weeks to set in. Once it is all set in, use a mascara stick and dab it in the mix and apply on your lashes. Leave it overnight and wash it off with lukewarm water, the next morning. Do this for some months until you notice a difference.

Use the above tips and grow your lashes longer, the natural way!

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