A company’s presence is measured by how far the branding is spread; how many people know about the brand and what it stands for. Even though branding acts wouldn’t bring a number of customers just due to that, it is a must for any company. There should be a certain tagline which the customers relate to your brand, something which reminds them of your brand name. It helps with keeping a top-of-the-mind awareness and eventually with sales, revenue and profits.


Major activities


Some of the major activities that are a must for big corporations are displaying the brand with a relatable message in a huge way. It can be a hoarding, digital screens, or press. Electronic media such as TV can help by running small thirty second ads highlighting the brand name and the tagline. The whole point of branding is for your customers and potential customers to think of your brand when the need for the respective product or service appears. POS or “Point Of Sales” marketing is another method where next to the cashiers in supermarkets you keep some products or display your brand name to remind customers of your presence. Even supermarket shelf arrangement can be done in a way so that products of your brand are seen at first glance.



Another method to have branding accomplished is via merchandise. You can have small items made, such as pens, paper weights, pen holders etc. – with your logo and tagline on them. They can be easily used as business gifts to present to customers or business partners and low cost items such as key tags or bookmarks can be given out in mass scale in case of an indoor event you host. They will definitely come in handy when you seek to promote the name via event sponsorships. When people receive something for free they tend to use it or at least give it to someone, which will spread your name more. It also helps with small organizations that cannot do outdoor branding or TV because they cost too much.


Budget it

You must have a separate marketing budget. Branding should be incorporated to that budget as a major activity. According to the profits of your organization no matter how big or small it is, a certain portion must be dedicated for marketing. Especially if you are in FMCG or “Fast moving Consumer Goods” segment, you need to fight the competition with constant reminders of who you are. Another factor to address in the promotions is to mention where people can reach you or buy your products. This is essentially a task of the distributing arm, but if you advertise asking people to buy the products and they can’t find it in their respective outlets that will be the end for that market.


Surviving in todays’ competitive market is not easy. Branding alone is not going to help the objective of winning your market either. So make sure you have a comprehensive integrated marketing plan to reach your goals.


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