Asian inspired interiors whether at home, workplace or elsewhere creates an environment of serenity and calmness that can be refreshing and also look good. It is usually a mix of Japanese, Chinese and Indian cultures. Each of these cultures can give their own authentic designs reflecting their heavy history and people. It is important to make yourself educated about all these designs and pick the ones that will mix together well and also that is of your preference. You can always get the opinion of an interior designer to help you to put it all together.

Asian cultures are usually representative of the calmness and neutrality of nature. Therefore wallpapers or any other back drop that is of neutral colour with a splash of a vibrant colour will make an ideal Asian interior. For example, a wallpaper that is cream coloured with a framed photo of a red double happiness design which many people consider good luck for the home. To go with the colour scheme of nature, even adding a few plants to the room, would make it very apt.

Asian interiors also pay a lot of attention to patterns of design. Oriental patterns authentic to different Asian cultures can be included in wallpapers, photo designs, bed linens, curtains, cutlery and many other places. It is both therapeutic and relaxing to look at these patterns which are constructed so beautifully and in detail. Homewares Hong Kong can offer many artefacts with these patterns. Focus on lighting as well. Some rooms can have a hue of red or pink to make it more interesting. Have chandeliers for big open spaces and also consider having paper lantern themed shades which will look very stylish in your space.

There are changes that you can make to your space, to make it more Asian. Having a wooden floor, getting some glass partitions between two rooms, adding stone decorations, replacing curtains with bamboo blinds and building a water fountain, pool or pond are some of these changes that can be included to your plan of converting your space to an Asian inspired interior. Fill the pond with colourful fish to make it livelier.

Remember one of the key features of japan interiors is minimalism which is a great tip for any interior designing of a room. Do not clutter the room with too much of it. Make it look neat, clean and minimal which can make it look more stylish. Take a note of the tips above and transform your space to Asian inspired interior which will not only make it stylish but also make you fall in love with it.


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