If you are in charge of arranging everything for your best friend’s engagement party, then you will need to a few tips to get down the main details right. It is a huge deal especially if you have been chosen to do everything. As the best friend, you will need to ensure that it is a memorable day for the happy couple.

Here are a few things that will help you get cracking on getting the arrangements right away.

  • The invitees and invitations

You need to ensure that the people you invite for the event are those people that your best friend wants to share the happy moment with. You wouldn’t want the bride to be annoyed by the fact that there are people she does not like. You can brainstorm about the biggest moments in your friend’s life and then make a comprehensive list, so you can have the bride check it out really quickly and confirm that the invitations can be sent across. Have few seats open for last minute invitees that will pop up.

  • The venue

You need to find the best engagement venue hire in Geelong  and this will not be a problem. You might need to consider how you can make the venue very meaningful for the couple. You can always start with things such as the first date, favorite hangout spot and so on to bring out aspects of their relationship to the venue. Make sure that the guest list and the venue space match so that you won’t have issue with space on the day of the engagement.

  • The theme

A theme for the party will be ideal. You can bring together memories and incorporate it with the theme to make it look grander. You can get a few ideas off of the internet of even refer to a movie or a book. You can also make the theme based on a colour or based on some shapes such as stars.

  • The menu

Food is a great way to ensure that people bond. It is a great way for people to converse with each other and if you get the food right, the engagement party will be successful. The menu should be something that the couple will agree upon as well. You might know what the bride loves to eat but you would not know the preference of the groom. So, getting help from someone like the best man will be perfect to ensure that you get both preferences sorted out.

It’s time to get cracking on planning the party!