Christmas is just a few weeks away. Almost everyone is excited for that special day to come. Families and loved ones gather together to spend some time together on this wonderful eve. Planning the food to be served during this time is extra tricky since you surely want it to be special. From smoky glazed hams to sumptuous casseroles, surely your guests will be craving for more.

But it doesn’t just end there. You still have to tickle those after meal taste buds with some delectable desserts. Whether you’re up for the classics or just want to try something new, these best desserts will surely add some zest to your table.

  • Apple Pie – This old-fashioned dessert is one of the top picks on holiday desserts. The juicy apple filling inside a soft buttery crust will surely make mouths water.
  • Eggnog cups – Its sweet sugar cookie crust and creamy eggnog cheesecake filling makes it a perfect after dinner dessert.
  • Cupcakes – These delectable mini-cakes is perfect for late night snacking. Top them up with white cream frosting to blend with the holiday vibes.
  • Baked Alaska – Treat your guests with this unique dessert. Made with ice cream-filled cake covered in brown meringue, this yummy treat will surely attract every sweet tooth.
  • Pumpkin Pie – Who said pumpkins are only a hit on Halloweens? This traditional dessert is also served during the holidays since it adds a festive touch on any dining table.
  • Yule log – This French inspired dessert is one of the most popular Christmas log cakes. Made with rolled sponge cake filled with buttercream and sweet frosting, this delicious treat is an all-time favourite.
  • Cream puffs – Those cream filled pastry puffs can really add some sweetness to any holiday table. You can dip them in caramel if you want them sweeter.
  • Fruit tart – Holiday fruit tarts are the top choices in pick-up desserts. They luscious mixture of dried fruits and nuts in a chewy crust can also be served as an early morning treat.
  • Gingerbread cookies – Treat your guests with these simple cookies after a meal. You can also be creative and amaze them by making Christmas gingerbread cookie trees with white creamy frosting.
  • Mini Panettone – This tasty treat made with sweet pastry bread stuffed with dried fruits is truly unique. It is small and easy to pick which makes it perfect for any holiday buffet.

Those were just a few holiday dessert ideas you may want to try. Any sweet dessert is perfect especially when offered in petite servings.