We do not let just anyone enter our houses. We also do not let just anyone enter our workplace. If we just start accepting anyone who walks in, that is not going to be good for our protection. Then, even within our workplace we have certain areas which we do not want to be places every employee can go to. This can be because that area holds sensitive data or some valuable asset of the company.

It can also be because that can be a high risk area only qualified professionals are allowed to enter. Either way, we need to make sure only people with permission get to enter these places.

This is where we need to use door access Singapore. There are a couple of ways in which we can control who gets permission to enter a venue.

Giving Keys

The most traditional method of giving selected people the chance to enter a venue is giving them keys to the place. Usually, you will make a couple of keys for the same lock. That gives everyone with the key a chance to use the place. However, it is very easy for people to make a copy of a key. Therefore, it is no longer one of the best ways to keep your venue protected from unauthorized individuals.

Using a Code or a Card

The next level of offering limited permission to enter a place is using a locking machine that uses a code or a card to give people the permission to enter the location. You can set these codes to change all the time. That way the time frame someone else can use the code to enter the building is going to be quite limited as the code keeps changing all the time. When you use a card, usually this is the employee ID card people have at a company which also carries the necessary information to allow that person to go to a certain place. The person will have to swipe the card on the locking machine to gain permission.

Using Facial Recognition or Fingerprints

To make it very hard for a person to enter a location people now use facial recognition or fingerprints. People can go around a code or a card. However, it is not going to be possible for them to manipulate facial recognition or fingerprints. All the highly protected areas use this method of limiting entry to those places.

You can use all of these methods to give permission to who gets to enter a certain location.