The real estate market of Singapore is much more competitive than that of its neighboring countries in the Asian continent. Although quite small in size, this nation is home to a number of leading businesses from all corners of the world and is constantly visited by expatriates, some of whom will spend several years working here. Due to these reasons, this bustling city-state places a high value on its properties and sellers must do the best they can to impress buyers amidst this intense competition. If you are a home owner in Singapore who is thinking of selling your property in the near future, these few tips recommended by professionals in the real estate industry will assist you in making a successful sale in no time.

Repair and maintain

Most home owners believe that if they invest a lot of money on upgrading the house by purchasing brand-new fittings, appliances and furniture, they can eventually sell it off for a much higher price. However, this isn’t always the case because the returns of investments (ROI) on upgrades and replacements is usually 100 percent, meaning you will merely be able to get back what you spent rather than adding any real value to the profit. This is why it’s wiser to do your best to maintain the stuff that is already there by making the necessary repairs and fixings.


No matter how great your property may be, if on the staging day, all that the potential buyer gets to see are a bunch of your personal belongings occupying every little space of the house, they will not be tempted towards making a buying decision. They must be able to picture themselves living in your current home and the best way to let them do this is by clearing out all of your personal belongings which can create clutter and complicate the living space. If there are extra furniture items which you may never need again, you can always sell them to a buyer of antiques for a few good dollars. If there is a stash of vintage liquor bottles you were gifted by someone and you want to sell hard liquor Singapore, there are several buyers who will take away the bottles for a very good price. You may even use these earnings to make some much needed improvements to the property before the staging.

Do some research

Perhaps the most important step in selling a house is setting a price that is both profitable and realistic. It is always advisable to carry out this research before proceeding with the modifications, because this way you can determine the exact level up to which you must improve the state of the house while also identifying the extent to which you must allocate funds to avoid making a loss. Drive around the neighborhood and check the prices of other properties that are in the market and compare them with the square footage. Based on the findings, determine the most sound and fair price for yours.


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