Ventilation is an important aspect of your home for many reasons, including well-being health for you and for your home. Ventilation is the continuous flow of the air in your home. This happens through the ventilation system designed when your house was constructed. People who reside in inadequately ventilated homes could suffer from long-term respiratory disease. In addition, condensation problems will indefinitely happen in your building leading to unnecessary repairs. It is only if you have proper airflow in your home that any moisture will be eliminated from the walls or floor. This is especially important if there is wood in your home. Wood can rot when there is moisture, as can drywall and consequently lead to the growth of mould. The structure is also weakened by this.

So good ventilation is a must for your home. This can take place in two ways: naturally and mechanically. One tried and tested method is the use of ceiling fans. They have been around for many decades now and the field has seen much development.

Energy Saver

The ceiling fan is one of the things that use a substantial amount of energy, due to its continuous use. So it’s important that you get a fan that is energy efficient. You can also use a fan to improve your air conditioning and heating to improve the air circulation. See whether it meets the standard requirements and has certification from approved manufacturers. These days there is a wide variety to choose from, with different colours and styles including the latest ceiling fan with LED light. So you can get anything that suits your budget and taste. Always get advice from a professional if you are unsure.

Manufacturers usually give warranty to the motor of the fan. Some give 30 years warranty while the best would be the lifetime warranty. The other parts have a less period of warranty as they may get rusted or damaged due to use. In this case, the parts will be available separately.

Airflow & Ceiling Sweep

The higher the airflow, the bigger the room a fan can cover. Some rooms, such as hall require more than one fan, so a lower amount of airflow can be considered. The higher the value, more expensive the fan. A good fan will have an airflow of at least 3000 CFM. The ceiling sweep span is also an important aspect to consider. Large rooms require fans with longer blades and are more efficient.

Other Points

You need to points to consider are ceiling height. Depending on this, the fan mount can be selected. It’s better to get advice from someone who can visit your home and give a proper inspection.

Cheaper fans do not have a remote control and can be noisy. So chose well before fixing as it is not an item to be changed and removed unnecessarily. All points considered, make sure that the fans suits the style of your home and gives the room a look of perfection. Also make sure that the fan can be maintained or whether the dealer offers an after sales service.

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