Are you caught up in the rat-race of a smart world? Do you feel a constant need for upgrading the equipment you use? If so, here are a few accessories that you need to check out about up-to-date and affordable lockers that are now available.

USB Ports

As everyone seems to be obsessed with portable items and their phones, in particular, you can now choose lockers that contain USB sockets which enable you to charge your phone in the locker itself. It also ensures security since the phone can be locked in. You no longer have to depend on traditional electricity sockets nor do you have to worry about charging your phone the previous day. You also don’t have to make sure that you carry a power bank wherever you go and your laptops or computers also don’t have to be crowded with charging phones nearby. All you need are lockers with USB ports.  Why not increase employee satisfaction levels with improved benefits such as these?

Hangers and Business Card Holders

In addition to the lockers itself, customize your set of lockers with anti-theft hangers and business card holders that enables the user to insert a business card denoting ownership. Upgrading traditional lockers with such features will also enhance usability and satisfaction.

Ironing Board and Towel Storage Units

Have you ever pondered upon the benefits of having an ironing board within a locker itself? You can now choose from a range of fold-out ironing board units which are installed within lockers or those that can be mounted to a wall. In addition to the functionality of storage, this aspect reveals other benefits that can be gained by a locker user.

Storage of towels is also facilitated by some lockers. In addition to clothes, this allows the user to store towels separately. Certain lockers contain hooks to hang towels or laundry bags.

Airing Cupboards

If you are constantly burdened by complaints about the lack of ventilation, you can now opt for lockers with ventilation outlets. These are most often located on the top and bottom. Constant playing of air will help you get rid of odors, humidity and other unpleasant scenarios in a room full of lockers.

Mail Chutes

If your employees constantly deal with correspondence, then this option is ideal. A separate unit can be installed to store letters received by you or your employees. What better place to store letters than a personal space such as a place where clothing is stored?

Locker Numbering

There’s a wide range of locker door numbering options to choose from. Several lockers Melbourne offer such benefits and more. Perhaps you need to be updated about some of them. Much needed upgrades are now available to suit the setting- being it an educational setting, changing room, gym or even for domestic purposes.

Give priority to the convenience of your employees by considering the options available in the market. You can customize the product based on your choice or the nature of your business.

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